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Dry Eyes Salt Lake City

Find Lasting Relief

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Dr. David Masihdas in Salt Lake City can provide you with the relief you need.

Dr. Masihdas is a board certified optometric physician with more than thirty years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes. He's one of the leaders in the treatment of dry eyes. Contact us today to learn more about your treatment options during a consultation. Don't wait any longer to achieve the relief you deserve.

Utah Eye Associates - Dry Eyes

We are here to help you achieve lasting relief.

A Closer Look at Dry Eyes

Most people experience dry eyes at one time or another. Flying in an airplane, for instance, may cause eyes to feel gritty, dry, sting, or burn. Air conditioning, smoke, staring at a computer screen, vigorous outdoor activity, and extremely arid climates can all cause the eyes to become dry or irritated. When this occurs, most people simply apply an over-the-counter remedy, which may or may not relieve symptoms. Some people, on the other hand, may find that they have chronically dry eyes. When this occurs, it is often because their eyes do not produce enough tears, or their tears cannot adequately lubricate the eye.

Common Causes

Dry eyes are actually a very common problem that affects about 40% of the U.S. population. The causes of dry eyes can range from allergies to autoimmune disorders, like Sjogren’s disease. Some people may experience dry eyes on a seasonal basis as their allergies flare up, while others suffer year-round because of disease or injuries to the tear ducts. Dry eyes are not only annoying and uncomfortable, they can also cause other vision problems or damage to the cornea.The degree of potential damage and level of irritation varies from patient to patient.

What are My Treatment Options?

Dr. Masihdas has the advanced technology needed to diagnose and treat a range of eye diseases and conditions, including dry eye. He can use special diagnostic equipment to find dry spots on the eye, damaged areas, and problems with the eyelids or tear ducts.

If your dry eyes have failed to respond to over-the-counter eye drops, Dr. Masihdas may recommend prescription eye drops, or punctual plugs. These tiny plugs are about a third of the size of a single grain of rice. They are painlessly inserted into the tear ducts during a non-surgical procedure that takes only minutes to complete. Many patients report almost immediate relief from their symptoms after the plugs have been inserted. Some patients may require further intervention, including surgery, to correct chronic, severe dry eyes.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you need glasses, contact lenses, diabetic eye care, laser vision correction, or just relief from dry, irritated eyes, we can help. Your vision is a valuable asset, and we are passionate about helping patients experience the very best vision possible. Contact our office today to schedule an in-depth examination with Dr. Masihdas.

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