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PROKERA® Corneal Bandages Protect, Repair, and Heal

For many conditions of the eye, a simple and effective treatment, like a band-aid, would be welcome news. If this "band-aid" also had medicative properties and could help prevent conditions, as well as speed up recovery time after surgeries, it would offer even greater benefits to the patient. Now, an advanced therapeutic technology does just that. PROKERA® consists of amniotic membrane tissue placed between two clear, flexible rings that can promote healing in the most comfortable way possible. We are proud to offer PROKERA® corneal bandages at our Salt Lake City practice. To learn more about this amazing innovation in eye care, contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. David Masihdas.

Utah Eye Associates - Prokera®

PROKERA® can be used to treat dry eye, corneal abrasions, and more.

How You Can Benefit

A healthy cornea, the clear tissue that protects the surface of the eye, is integral to good vision. PROKERA® corneal bandages use amniotic membrane tissues to aid in recovery, promote healing, and reduce inflammation of the eye. Amniotic tissue contains growth factor proteins that are essential to the healing process of epithelial cells, and the tissue itself has anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, anti-vascularization, and anti-scarring properties. Amniotic tissue has been used to treat ocular conditions through surgical applications, and the PROKERA® corneal bandage offers these same benefits without the permanent placement of a membrane in the eye. The maker of PROKERA® works with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared therapeutic tissue bank whose membranes are rigorously tested for safety before being provided to healthcare professionals.

Conditions Treated With PROKERA®

Anyone who has corneal damage or is planning on undergoing a surgical eye procedure is a possible candidate for PROKERA®. PROKERA® can be used to treat a range of common corneal conditions, including:

  • Keratitis - Inflammation of the cornea

  • Dry eye - A lack of adequate quantity or quality of tears

  • Recurrent corneal erosions - A condition in which the outermost layer of epithelial cells fails to attach to the underlying membrane

  • Corneal ulcers - Erosion or open sore on the surface of the eye

  • Cornel abrasions - A wound on the surface of the eye

In addition, PROKERA® corneal bandages are commonly used post-operatively to promote rapid healing and reduce inflammation without the risk of increasing intraocular pressure.

The PROKERA® Procedure

The PROKERA® procedure is quick and painless. During your appointment, the doctor will place the bandage in much the same way that a contact lens is inserted into the eye. The PROKERA® bandage will be removed from its packaging, rinsed with a sterile saline solution, and precisely placed to remain comfortable and functional during use. The bandage will remain in place until you have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Masihdas about one week later to ensure you are healing properly. PROKERA® bandages can be worn for up to 10 days.

Schedule an Appointment

Patients everywhere are already experiencing the reduced recovery time, minimized pain, and overall better patient outcome that can be achieved with the PROKERA® corneal bandage. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment and whether it is right for you, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Masihdas today.

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