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LASIK vs. PRK: Which Is Right For Me?

Dr. David Masihdas explains the differences between LASIK and PRK, and discusses how he determines which is most appropriate for his patients.

Dr. David Masihdas Mar 05, 2021

What to Know About Glaucoma Testing

Learn about glaucoma testing from the optometrists at Utah Eye Associates. Protect your vision by being proactive and getting an examination.

Dr. David Masihdas Dec 05, 2020

Is LASIK Permanent?

When patients with vision problems are tired of dealing with glasses and contacts, some may turn to LASIK. Before you choose this surgery, you should know if…

Dr. David Masihdas Sep 23, 2020

Dry Eye vs. Allergies

Dry eyes and ocular allergies are two of the most common eye conditions. While these conditions present similar symptoms, there are differences between the two.…

Dr. David Masihdas Jun 03, 2020

What Are the Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery?

During laser cataract surgery, we use an advanced laser to make incisions, perform the anterior capsulotomy, and fragment the lens, which results in more precise…

Dr. David Masihdas Mar 04, 2020

Glaucoma Causes and Risk Factors

Dr. David Masihdas teaches our patients about the most common causes and risk factors associated with glaucoma.

Dr. David Masihdas Dec 05, 2019

Is LASIK Right for Astigmatism?

Dr. David Masihdas can perform LASIK surgery to reshape the cornea and improve vision for individuals suffering from astigmatism.

Dr. David Masihdas Sep 03, 2019

Cataract Surgery and Medicare Coverage

Patients can learn more about how Medicare coverage applies to the cost of cataract surgery when undergoing the procedure with Dr. David Masihdas.

Dr. David Masihdas Jun 03, 2019

Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataract symptoms can sometimes be difficult to discern, largely because they develop slowly. Dr. David Masihdas describes common cataract symptoms.

Dr. David Masihdas Mar 06, 2019

Cataract Surgery Recovery Timeline

About to undergo cataract surgery? Our team explores the cataract surgery recovery timeline and explains what patients can expect.

Dr. David Masihdas Jan 03, 2019

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