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How Often Should Patients Schedule Eye Exams

Experienced eye doctor David Masihdas discusses how frequently patients should schedule eye exams.

Dr. David Masihdas Sep 21, 2018

Glaucoma Medications Can Help Protect Eyesight

Dr. David Masihdas helps patients manage glaucoma and preserve their vision with the following glaucoma medications.

Dr. David Masihdas Dec 04, 2017

Can LASIK Improve Depth Perception?

Certain vision problems can impact depth perception. Find out how LASIK can improve depth perception in this blog post.

Dr. David Masihdas Sep 05, 2017

Common Causes of Blindness

Let's take a moment to consider the common causes of blindness and what treatments are available to preserve vision.

Dr. David Masihdas Jun 01, 2017

Sensitivity to Light after LASIK

Sensitivity to light after LASIK is a potential side effect of this effective laser eye surgery. Read here to learn more.

Dr. David Masihdas Dec 03, 2016

Tips to Reduce Discomfort after LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a surgical procedure, and does result in some discomfort after surgery. Find out how you can reduce pain after LASIK surgery.

Dr. David Masihdas Sep 03, 2016

Higher vs. Lower Order Aberrations

Understanding the difference between higher and lower order aberrations can help you understand how far LASIK technology has come.

Dr. David Masihdas Jun 03, 2016

LASIK and Corneal Flap Complications

LASIK is one of the safest surgeries in medicine; however, there is a risk of corneal flap complications. Fortunately, the risk is very low.

Dr. David Masihdas Mar 05, 2016

Reduce the Risk of Infection after LASIK

Dr. David Mashidas discusses the risk of infection after LASIK, and what patients can do to reduce that risk even further.

Dr. David Masihdas Dec 05, 2015

Follow Our Pre-Operative LASIK Instructions for Improved Results

Following Dr. Masihdas’ pre-operative LASIK instructions can help you improve your chances for outstanding results from this procedure.

Dr. David Masihdas Mar 09, 2015

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