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How Often Should Patients Schedule Eye Exams

By Dr. David Masihdas on September 21, 2018

Eye examAlthough many people make a point of scheduling routine physical exams with their general physician, some neglect to do the same for their eyes. Professional eye care services, such as comprehensive eye exams, are the best way to monitor eye health, diagnose potential eye problems, and treat complications before they permanently damage the eyes.

Considering how important and beneficial eye exams can be, it is important that patients make them a regular part of their health care routine. Here, Dr. David Masihdas discusses how often patients should schedule eye exams at his Salt Lake City, UT practice.

Eye Exams for Children

Eye exams are beneficial to patients of all ages. Sometimes, parents of young children forget that they should be having their child’s eyes examined. Regular eye exams allow us to monitor the growth of the eyes and detect any vision problems before they begin interfering with a child’s ability to learn and thrive in school.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that children have their first eye exam around six months of age. After this, children should have their eyes examined around three years of age, and then again before starting kindergarten.

If a child’s eyes appear to be healthy, an eye exam once every two years thereafter should be sufficient. However, children with vision impairment or those at risk for eye problems should have the eyes examined once a year.

Eye Exams for Adults with Good Eye Health

Adults with good eye health are least likely to have their eyes regularly examined. Many believe that if they have never suffered from vision impairment or any other eye complications, there is no need to schedule eye exams.

In actuality, comprehensive eye exams are recommended for all adults, even if the eyes have always been healthy. Eye exams are the best way to diagnose progressive eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma, before they permanently damage the eyes and compromise the vision.

To preserve healthy vision and eye functions, the AOA recommends that adults aged 18 to 60 who have good eye health schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years.

Eye Exams for Seniors and Those with Vision Impairment

Certain patients are at greater risk for developing eye diseases or need more frequent eye care due to vision impairment. Since many eye conditions are more common as a person ages, at-risk patients include those who are aged 61 or over.

Senior patients, those at risk for certain eye diseases (due to family history, high blood pressure, or other health factors), and patients who require a vision prescription should schedule a comprehensive eye exam once a year. The AOA recommends annual eye exams for patients because it is the best way to avoid permanent eye damage from undiagnosed eye diseases.

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